• New

  • - New To This Office;
    - or Walk-In Returning With Flare-Up / New Condition.
    Average Cost Per Adjustment: $49


    First Visit Fee

  • Consultation
  • Exam / Evaluation
  • Spinal Adjustment
  • Pain-Relief Protocol - To Gain Control of Symptoms Quickly


  • Average Cost Per Adjustment: $20.25


    Package of 12

  • Unused visits expire 5 weeks after first visitup to 12 visits over
    first 5 weeks
  • Re-Evaluation at 12th Visit
  • 3-4 adjustments/week over 4-5 weeksFrequent Spinal Adjustments
  • Wellness

  • Average Cost Per Adjustment: $17.25


    4 visits / month

  • Limited to 125 Members
  • Maintenance/
  • Spinal Adjustments
    4 / month

Information for a New Chiropractic Patient

Step 1: What You Get For Free

Consultation / Exam / Preliminary Recommendations


On your first visit we’ll interview each other.
We’ll talk about injuries you may have had, work duties, things that may cause or contribute to your symptoms. We want you to feel comfortable asking all the questions necessary to understand what we do and why we do it.

You will find out about my approach, what I expect as an outcome if we accept you as a patient, what we can do if our approach works – or doesn’t work – for you.


The examination is brief and focuses on determining how joints are functioning, and on muscle groups that affect how your joints move or don’t. Joint motion may be normal, or they move too much or too little (hyper-mobile or hypo-mobile). Either way – too much motion, too little motion – either can cause pain.

Wear comfortable clothing – no hospital-style gowns are used for this.


Consultation, exam, recommendations up to this point are complimentary – no charge.
By the way, you are wondering why there is no charge up to this point? I have high regard for time, yours and mine, and I don’t like to waste it. After the consultation and brief exam, I’ll have an 80% or better idea of whether we can help you in this office and we should move forward, or if you should be somewhere else.

  • So, depending on our findings, we may stop here and refer you to another provider.
  • Or, if it’s appropriate at this point, we’ll move to step 2 with spinal adjustment.

Step 2: What You Get For $49


If the information we get from the consultation and exam suggests we can help you, we will learn more about you and how your spine functions with the first spinal adjustments.

As a new chiropractic patient, or new to this office, we’ll guide you through the whole process ‘show-and-tell’ style – you’ll know what we are doing every step of the way because we’ll be asking for your input through the setup and adjustments.

No tricks, no surprises – this is a partnership.

After we learn what we need to know about how your spine moves, and we have a sense of the potential for improvement, we’ll talk again, and then we’ll make our recommendations.

At this point we have finished the Consultation, Exam, and Preliminary Spinal Adjustments. Finally, we’ll talk about what we recommend for you.
The total fee for all of this is only $49.

Step 3: Treatment Recommendations

In this office we try to help relieve our patient’s symptoms as quickly as possible, with as few treatments as necessary.

We offer advice on how to avoid future episodes, and we share ideas that you can use to help eliminate the cause of the pain, and things you can do to manage it better.

Of course, we want to help everybody, but the simple truth is – we can’t. We only accept people who we believe can benefit from what we do here.

Recommendations For Care - There Are Only 3 Options

1. We do not accept you for care.
  • Your condition may be outside the scope of our practice
  • You may need services we don't provide here.
  • We'll tell you what we think and why, and probably refer you to another provider.
2. We accept you into a Short-Term Pain Relief Care Plan.
  • Twelve adjustments during 4-to-5 weeks - commonly we look for 3-4 adjustments/week for 3-4 weeks.
  • Our mutual goal is pain relief, improvement and control of symptoms
  • Our expectations are based on our experience, and
  • These recommendations are supported by the current literature.
3. We may invite you to join our wellness plan.
  • Our wellness plan provides weekly adjustments that help unwind the physical stresses of daily work duties, normal activities of daily living, and
  • Help with management of chronic problems such as adhesion and scar tissue from previous injuries.
  • Many people enter our office at this level.

What You Get For $249

Pain Relief Care

  • For a period of up to 5 weeks, during which we will adjust your spine 12 times.
  • Ideally, these adjustments are frequent during this time – 3-4 adjustments per week.
  • Progress is evaluated at the 12th adjustment, and new recommendations are offered.
  • This schedule of conservative care – 12 visits – is recommended by the American Chiropractic Association.
  • Recent reports from the Journal of the American Medical Association are now supporting this type of early approach as safer and more effective than drugs.
  • Most people we accept have very good response and feel much better at the end of this.
Evaluation at the end of this time, and together we’ll talk about your next step, with updated recommendations:
  • Dismiss you from care,
  • Refer you to another provider,/li>
  • Invite you to join our wellness plan.

What You Get For $69

Well-Patient Care

One adjustment every week for your monthly membership fee of $69. the purpose of these spinal adjustments is to help restore some of the balance you have lost during the previous week from your normal activities of daily living.
Your job duties, household chores, all these things that pull our muscles out of balance and put pressure on the joints and nerve system. Weekly spinal adjustments help reduce the physical imbalances you feel, the pain and restricted motion that results from life. Chiropractic adjustments help restore motion and you get better function and less pain.

You might consider these adjustments as ‘spinal hygiene, similar to dental hygiene. We brush our teeth to help them stay healthy. We adjust your spine to help reduce physical stress on your joints, muscles, and nerves, to help them maintain normal function and stay healthy.

It is always up to you to decide which
of these options is best for you.

About Our Fees: How can our fees be so low?

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