I live in Las Vegas with my lovely wife, Lisa – I am a Las Vegas chiropractor and natural health strategist, 40 years in practice. Lisa is a certified raw-food chef. Lisa and I provide natural health advice, vital information and training for people who are looking to restore their health using natural tools.

If you are new to chiropractic, we hope the information we provide will help you decide to try it for yourself.

Our Primary Goal

We try to inspire our patients by giving them quality content about healing, health, and wellness. We hope to help you understand your body better today than you did yesterday.

We do this face-to-face, and by writing articles and reviews about current health issues and natural health-care products and services.

We believe that with accurate information, and a chance to participate, you will make better decisions for yourself every time.

This site is geared for those who truly wish to dive deeper into what health really is; for those willing to look at long-held beliefs with new eyes; for those interested in learning how to change harmful daily habits into new practices that can truly transform you into the healthy, naturally-well person you want to become.

Without the craziness – without the hype. I am here to help you build a real future of good health and well-being, with simple natural health advice and tools. So on this site I recommend best-in-class natural health products I have used myself or would use for myself, or would recommend to those closest to me.

Getting Past Wrong-Headed Ideas About Health

We cannot simply skip the past 100 years or so of misinformation and focus in on what we know works. Therefore, I spend time on topics that discuss how we got to be where we are now – how our medical industry become a national health problem, with action-steps you can take for yourself and your family right now.

I will share with you the knowledge, experience, and better-health strategies that have worked for myself, and the thousands of people I have helped over the past 40 years.

Most of these folks, like you, were tired of the hype, of following the latest crazes and, the self-proclaimed health gurus trying to attach themselves to our wallets.

Taking Control Of Our Health

One of the problems we face in regaining our health in a natural way is getting through the confusion from all the experts, and getting past the wrong-headed ideas about what we should and should not do.

Creating better health naturally is no real secret, and it begins with learning the basics of what our bodies are designed to do. Here at My Vegas Chiropractor .com we are interested in helping people with function of the spine and the muscles and joints that allow it to move properly. In our office we adjust these joints to improve the motion of joints that get ‘stuck’, in order to restore better motion and remove interference on the nerve system.

The best thing to do is keep it simple:

  • First, we need to stop doing what hasn’t worked.
  • Also, we need to stop doing things that actually hurt us.
  • Then we need to begin to do those things that will allow your body a chance to change.
  • Along the way, we need to re-discover what we have forgotten about what health is, what natural health means.

After that, it is simply repeating these new habits and using the time we have out there in front of us to let your body renew itself. I am often surprised at how quickly the body can reach a new level of health, wellness, and better function – things of enduring worth that you have lost, and are now looking for.

It is my job to help you learn new “best practices” and, as any online health and wellness coach and mentor would do, kick you in the pants from time to time to keep you focused in a world that creates more distractions than it does actually helping you.

I’ve been practicing natural health myself for over 40 years, and I’d like you to remember: “I’m just an average guy doing above average things…” and want to help you do the same, like I have thousands of others.

Please add this site to the others you have located in your search for better health. We offer solid natural-health information for you here, and myself – a health coach who wants you to succeed!

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God Bless –

Your Vegas Chiropractor,
Dr. Martin McIntosh, DC

About Dr. Martin McIntosh, DC – Las Vegas Chiropractor

Dr. Martin McIntosh DC - las vegas chiropractor, author, speaker, health coach, consultant

My Vegas Chiropractor.com, Safe Harbor Health.com, and Bone Density Secrets.com are published under the direction of, and are mostly written by Dr. Martin McIntosh. These sites focus on his diverse and extensive training in natural health to provide a better understanding of the treatments, therapies and natural remedies that could help people stay healthy and keep them safe and even free from prescription drugs. It contains real-world health advice that people can begin to use right away.

Dr. McIntosh has practiced for 40 years; thousands of patients have been helped by his commitment to providing excellence in natural healthcare. He is experienced in a wide spectrum of traditional as well as cutting-edge healing therapies. He has been trained in classic chiropractic, spinal bio-mechanics, conventional chiropractic medicine, natural medicine and nutrition.

Dr. McIntosh constantly reviews current breakthroughs in natural healing to provide the best possible natural healthcare. He then tries to make the information real and usable, and to put it in perspective regarding what a person actually does, and what that person actually needs.