People ask about our fees – How Can Our Fees Be So Low?

It’s very simple…

We have ‘opted out’ of the health insurance industry.

This allows us to have very low fees when compared to other doctors who are locked into that system.

I’ve been adjusting spines for over 40 years. I’ve owned several practices and worked in many more. Each office had a different style, used different tools and methods to help people get better.

Some of them included medical staff like registered nurses (RNs), physical therapists (PTs), licensed massage therapists (LMTs), and full rehabilitation departments.

These were very expensive to operate, and per-visit costs were very high. This type of practice relies almost exclusively on the health insurance industry for income, as the fees are beyond what people can afford to pay out-of-pocket.

There is only one thing these chiropractic offices had in common – all of them were built around providing spinal adjustments.

What we do in this office is focus on the spine. We adjust the spinal bones to improve the motion of the spinal joints.

When the joints move better, there is less pressure on them, the muscles can have better balance, and the nerve system can operate with less interference.

We don’t need a big office or several staff members to accomplish this.

What we need is a few years of experience, and a basic adjusting bench.

And that’s exactly what we have – over 40 years of experience, and one of the very best chiropractic tables in the world.

Once we determine we can help you, then all we have to do is adjust your spine. If you need more than this, or other care in addition to this, we help you find an office that can provide this for you.

Plus, we don’t deal with insurance, so we don’t need the expensive billing department or complex computer programs this requires.

All of this allows us to keep our fees very low.

So, call our office, make an appointment and we’ll see if we can help you. If I think I can help you, I will. If I don’t think I can help, I’ll have some recommendations for you.

Call now.