Welcome to My Vegas Chiropractor!

We want to spend a little time with you on your first visit, so an appointment is necessary.
Your first visit has a dual purpose:

1. Our Purpose – to determine whether we think we can help you.

2. Your Purpose – to decide whether this is what you want to do.


As with any doctor’s visit, you’ll start some new patient paperwork – what we need is very basic, the forms are simple and easy to understand.

You can download these forms online, print them, fill them out and bring them with you.


This time is really about you getting to learn about us, and us about you.

You’ll meet with Dr. McIntosh, you’ll talk about your health history, your current condition, your expectations, and your health and wellness goals.

We’ll talk about nutrition, postural demands of your work duties, other activities of daily living, and more.

We want to find out who you are and how your body functions or malfunctions, and why. We want to discover how to make this a successful experience for both of us.

At the end of the consultation, we will make recommendations whether to continue with our examination, or to refer you to another provider.


This is relatively simple – no gowns are required, it’s best if you just wear comfortable clothing.

The exam is mostly concerned with finding functional imbalances. This simply means we look at joint function, muscle tension patterns, and we feel for tissue tone and general mobility.

We’ll check your posture, of course, and how your body moves as you walk. We look for things like protective muscle spasm in your back that may be from a recent lifting injury, or neck pain and stiffness that you woke up with.

You’ll lay face-down on our Leander table – it is motorized, pivots in the middle, and it puts your body into a slow, easy motion that allows us to feel your spinal joints in motion. What we feel helps us determine whether you have a problem we can help you with.

Lastly – Recommendations

We have three possible recommendations for you with Dr. McIntosh at My Vegas Chiropractor:

1. We accept you as a patient here for a short-term treatment program. This is 12 treatments over 4 to 5 weeks, with re-evaluation at number 12.

Twelve spinal adjustments over 4 weeks will give us clear answers to many questions. We’ll both know if spinal adjustments work for you because you will have reduced pain and better joint function.

Or not.

Depending on your results, we will make new recommendations that include 3 similar directions – dismissal, referral to another provider, or an invitation to join our wellness club.

2. We do not accept you as a patient here. We may suggest you see a health-care provider for treatment you need that we don’t provide. We may recommend a full-service chiropractor, massage therapist, nutritionist, or your primary care provider.

3. We invite you to join our wellness club. This depends on your general health condition, your own understanding of health and wellness, your personal health goals, physical demands of your job, etc.

The wellness club allows you to have your spine adjusted on a regular basis at a very low fee. Weekly adjustments can help you manage chronic symptoms and recurring pain patterns. These pain patterns are often related to scar tissue that formed long ago after injuries – slips, falls, crashes, work duties – all those things that create imbalances in our muscles and joints.

If you accept a short-term program with your Vegas Chiropractor:

Usually your initial office visit will be anywhere from 20-30 minutes depending on your history the time we spend talking together. After that your visits will be anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

Review My Vegas Chiropractor – Fee Schedule.

We are here to serve God and mankind.

We are very good at what we do, and we respect that we have limits – we can’t do everything for everybody, nor do we want to.

  • If we think we can help you we’ll tell you.
  • If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll tell you that.

Think about all the things you have already tried, things that didn’t work.

Spinal adjustments have been used for thousands of years to improve function and reduce pain.

  • The Chiropractic approach to pain relief and functional medicine is scientifically sound, proven by time and millions of satisfied chiropractic patients.
  • Chiropractors are the only professionals that specialize in adjusting the spine for improved spinal function.
  • Spinal adjustments by chiropractors are safe, natural, effective.

If you haven’t tried chiropractic care, maybe it’s time you did.

It’s worth your time and energy to check us out.

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